• Clay Cleaning Mitt

    Clay Cleaning Mitt

    FBO Price: $24.95
    John’s 360 Coatings Clay Mitt is a high quality clay mitt designed to easily remove dirt and debris from the surface of your vehicle. The Clay Mitt also helps to expose any blemishes that need...
    Clay Mitt
  • Metal X - Brake Dust Remover

    Metal X - Brake Dust Remover

    FBO Price: $19.95
    16oz — John’s 360 Coatings Metal X Iron and Brake Dust Remover thoroughly decontaminates wheels, metal and painted surface. Metal X gets rid of brakes dust, iron particles and exhaust particles...
    Metal X
  • Concentrated XP Foaming Soap

    Concentrated XP Foaming Soap

    FBO Price: $29.95
    16oz — John’s 360 Coatings Concentrated XP Foaming Soap is a super concentrated foaming soap that will clean any surface. A unique blend of biodegradable surfactants activated by water create a...
    Concentrated XP
  • Orange No Sling Tire Gel

    Orange No Sling Tire Gel

    FBO Price: $24.95
    16oz — John’s 360 Coatings Orange “No-Sling” Tire Gel is a water-based polymer tire gel that creates a dark, rich, UV protected and long-lasting gloss that enhances the appearance and longevity of...
    Orange No Sling
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