Alodine 871 Touch-N-Prep Pen Conversion Coating (Bondrite)

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  • Alodine 871 Touch-N-Prep Pen Conversion Coating (1446363)
  • Alodine 871 Touch-N-Prep Pen Conversion Coating (1446363)
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Henkel developed Alodine 871 coating with the convenient Touch-N-Prep applicator pen to provide a clean,  easy-to-use method of repairing conversion coatings on aircraft and aircraft part surfaces.

The unique Alodine 871 Touch-N-Prep no-rinse conversion coating effectively repairs bare aluminum substrates to prevent corrosion. It does not require rinsing, and can be air-dried or force-dried with hot air.

The high-density acrylic tip of the Touch-N-Prep pen can be modified with a single-edge razor blade to form any shape.  The design of the Touch-N-Prep Dry pen allows repair of hard-to-reach places or the underside of aircraft. This new application  method controls the amount of coating applied to the surface. Use Alodine 871 Touch-N-Prep sparingly – a little goes a  long way. This optimized application method greatly reduces the amount of chemical used and generates no secondary waste  associated with other repair methods.

Touch-N-Prep coatings represent a dramatic environmental improvement over current methods of chemical coatings touch up.  The easy-to-use, dry-in-place coating is a cost-effective and safe method of touch-up repairs of aircraft and aircraft part surfaces.



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