Avblend Lubricant - 12oz - Avblend

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In the Air and On the Ground... Always Working!

AVBLEND provides benefits other products can't. Keeping your engine in top running condition provides added safety and cost savings, regardless of whether your aircraft is flying or in storage. When you are in the air, AVBLEND helps provide added performance. More importantly, AVLBEND reduces harmful deposits in your engine and helps prevent the formation of rust while your aircraft is not in use. Ultimately, this helps you stay focused on flying, not repairs.

AVBLEND is the only product of its kind approved by the FAA. For decades, AVBLEND has given peace-of-mind to pilots and mechanics through flight-proven performance.

AVBLEND is preventative maintenance.

At a fraction of the cost, using AVBLEND at each oil change on an annual basis will help reduce the chance of facing costly cylinder repairs at your aircraft's next inspection. Thousands of pilots trust AVBLEND. Why? Because...



  • Prevent Rust
  • Reduce Premature Wear
  • Prevents Valves From Sticking
  • Prevent Carbon and Deposit Build-up
  • Reduce Dry Start Damage
  • Restore Peak Combustion Performance

How AVBLEND Works:

The only product of its kind, AVBLEND is a unique "micro"-lubricant. AVBLEND molecules have been reformulated to be smaller than regular oil molecules. The results of this reformulation allow AVBLEND to soak deeper into the metal than any other lubricant. AVBLEND penetrates, cleans, lubricates and protects aircraft piston engines from the inside out.

Recommended retreatment schedule: Every 25 operating hours is recommended - 50 hours / 4 months is required for continuous protection.


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