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Boost Oxygen Large Size - Boost-Large

Boost Oxygen Large Size has 10 Liters of Oxygen.  Over 200 One-Second Inhalations.  Great Value.  Fits in Backpack.  


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Traveling to locations with altitude heights over 5,000 feet above sea level can result in lower oxygen levels in the body. Forty percent of people who visit high altitude locations like Denver and the Colorado Rockies can experience symptoms of altitude sickness.

According to the National Health Service (UK), eMedicineHealth, WebMD (and other reputable sources), giving supplemental oxygen is one of the top recommended remedies for the symptoms of altitude sickness caused by the deprivation of oxygen to the body.



“Need to catch my Breath”… “I’m Winded”… “Need a Break”… “I’m Gassed”… “Timeout” – terms athletes use when they are taken out of action. Hands on hips. Heavy breathing. Wheezing. Head down, hunched over. Just give me a minute. The clock continues. The other team scores. The opponent wins. Supplemental Oxygen doesn’t just replace Oxygen lost. It replaces Oxygen lost faster. Gets you back into the action, faster, better. Helps you do that next set of reps. Helps clear the mind, calm the nerves and focus on success. It’s a secret weapon, that’s never been a secret with the professionals. As important nutrition and hydration are as fuels, Oxygenation is much more immediate, much more physically apparent. Oxygen tanks are heavy, burdensome, expensive and utterly impractical and inconvenient. Boost Oxygen makes Supplemental Oxygen convenient. Practical. Affordable. Successful.

Many sports (like football, hockey, soccer, basketball, speed skating, cycling and more) require quick, high-intensity bursts of energy which can also include brutal contact with others. Athletes are under intense physical and mental stress combined with extreme aerobic and anaerobic activity. As a result, bodies emit more carbon dioxide during the game or event than the oxygen they take in. This lack of oxygen can, and does, cause muscle fatigue, cramping and poor performance.  Boost Oxygen helps with faster recovery time, minimization of cramping and increased capacity for staying on top (both physically and mentally) to achieve the best in physical performance. Professional athletes know first-hand about the toll their sport can demand of them – the impact it takes on their bodies, and the benefits of using Boost Oxygen as a supplement to help reach peak performance and recover faster from intensive physical output. Boost Oxygen is 95% pure, Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen, all-natural and safe. WADA News, 19, September 2009, “WADA Executive Committee Approves 2010 Prohibited List”:  “In addition, the 2010 [Banned Substances] List will no longer prohibit supplemental oxygen (hyperoxia).”

Recommended Use

For fast recovery and enhanced sports performance, try Boost Oxygen’s Large canister in Peppermint. For strenuous sports, take three-to-five inhalations before an event, three-to-five during a rest period, and three-to-five at the end to speed recovery and stay on top of your game.



Increased oxygen intake has been reported by health professionals as the natural health and well-being aid that promotes energy, better mental acuity, increased capacity for exercise (and quicker recovery), as well as boosting the immune system.

Exercise and Better Breathing Leads to More Energy

According to the Mayo Clinic, “exercise and physical activity deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lungs work more efficiently, you have more energy….”  Who doesn’t want that?

Increased oxygen intake can help you get the most out of your exercise routine before, during and after activity.



Once consumed, alcohol can stay in your blood for several hours.  This is why, the morning after a night on the town, you might wake feeling as though you have the mother of all headaches and a hefty dose of nausea to match.

When it comes to a remedy, there are many products and urban legends which are said to alleviate the dreaded hangover, but those with access to supplemental oxygen, whether it be a nurse, welder or pilot, have experienced its benefits when used during or after a night of drinking. Boost Oxygen gives the general public immediate access to oxygen during the party, before sleep, and for the morning after.

FACT:  Alcohol Consumption lowers the levels of Oxygen in the Body.  If you don’t believe this, try going for a run after having a few drinks.



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