Champion Oil Filter Element - CFO-100-1
Champion Oil Filter Element Construction

Champion Full Flow Oil Filters are designed to supply a continuous flow of filter-clean oil to vital engine parts. Champion's Strata-Kleen filter media is a full-pleat, resin-impregnated cellulosic micronic filter media designed to trap all harmful particles including metallic chips resulting from abnormal wear. Because the oil flows through many layers of locked in fibers, there is no migration of fiber material to clog engine oil passages or affect bearing surfaces. According to industry-approved tests, the Champion oil filter traps more dirt and harmful particles during its operating time than any other similar filter.

The filter media surrounds a corrugated steel center support tube providing support for each convoluted pleat of filter media, adding significant protection from filter collapse-pressure failure especially during cold-start engine conditions.

Champion Oil Filter Cartridge Types

Champion offers two types of oil filter cartridge to cover all existing aircraft piston engine lube oil system applications.
  1. Replacement elements service engine-mounted or line-installed filter systems incorporating a permanent housing assembly.
  2. Modern Spin-on oil filters contain the element, incorporating the anti-drainback valve mechanism (and internal bypass valve 48108-1/48109-1), sealed in a disposable housing.