Helpful Hank from Aircraft Specialties Services

You may see many abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes on our site when viewing parts. In case you ever wondered what they all mean we created a little "cheat" sheet to help out.



Aircraft piston engine prefixes

AE - Aerobatic (wet sump)
G   - Geared (reduction gear)
H   - Horizontal Helicopter
I    - Fuel Injected
L   - Left Hand Rotation Crankshaft
O  - Opposed Cylinders
S   - Supercharged
T   - Turbocharged
V   - Vertical installation for helicopters


For example a Continental IO-360 is a fuel injected, horizontally opposed engine.  The Lycoming TVO-435 is a turbocharged, vertical helicopter, horizontally opposed engine.


Manufacturer part numbers

Engine Components International (ECI) uses the following designation for their parts:

AECxxxxxx  (For Continental engines)
AELxxxxxx  (For Lycoming engines)

Superior Air Parts uses the following designation for their parts:

SAxxxxxx  (For Continental engines)
SLxxxxxx  (For Lycoming engines)



AD – Airworthiness Directive
EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency
IAW – In accordance with
MS – Military Specification
MSB – Mandatory Service Bulletin
NOS – New old stock
NS – Surplus Stock
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer
PMA – Parts Manufacturing Authority
SB – Service Bulletin
SI – Service Instruction
SL – Service Letter

Disclaimer: While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure all information on this website is accurate, Aircraft Specialties Services does not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions. All specifications, illustrations, data and prices are subject to change without notice. Applications and interchangeability information depicted on this website is strictly for reference only. Installers must consult the engine/airframe IPC for the manufacturer’s approved data.