Cylinder STD CAST - SA52006-A23P

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  • Cylinder STD CAST - SA52006-A23P
  • Cylinder STD CAST - SA52006-A23P
  • Cylinder STD CAST - SA52006-A23P
  • Cylinder STD CAST - SA52006-A23P
  • Cylinder STD CAST - SA52006-A23P
  • Cylinder STD CAST - SA52006-A23P
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Each Complete New Cylinder Assembly contains all of the following new parts: head, barrel, valves, valve seats, valve guides, piston, rings, gasket kit, seals, springs, rotocoils, and rocker shafts (they will not include piston pins or rocker arms).


Fits engines:

IOF-550-B, C

Features Unique to All Models for Continental Engines


       Improved Casting Integrity

  • Castings meet stringent porosity and shrinkage requirements.
  • Promotes a longer-life cylinder head, less prone to cracking. 
  • Computer Generated Cylinder Head Fin Configuration .
  • More consistent fin thickness and spacing.
  • Means more uniform heat transfer and fewer "hot spots", compared to standard factory cylinders. 


      New Materials

  • Advanced alloys yield 20% greater strength than aerospace industry standards for air-cooled cylinder heads.
  • Increases cylinder longevity.


      Through hardened 6382 Steel Cylinder Barrel

  • Through hardened 6382 Steel Cylinder Barrel. These barrels may be ground oversize and fitted with oversized pistons.


       Choked barrel

  • Optimal barrel choke allows rings and pistons to work properly at normal operating .
  • Improves performance and reduces ring and piston wear.


      Features Unique to Continental A-65, C-75/85/90 & O-200/300 Engines

      Improved Exhaust Port and Guide Boss

  • Exhaust Guide Boss extends to completely surround the exhaust guide.
  • Heat is conducted away from the guide to reduce valve sticking and wear.
  • Exhaust port wall thickness has been increased to reduce premature warping and cracking. 


      New Ni-Resist Valve Guide

  • Ni-resist exhaust valve guide and chrome-plated valve stem.
  • A high performance improvement that reduces valve sticking and wear. 


       Rocker Shaft Bushings

  • Factory installed bushings.
  • Provide a superior bearing surface and simplify the repair process.


       Features Unique to Continental 470/520/550 Engines  

      New and Improved Rosan Inserts for Exhaust Studs (520 & 550 models)

  • Improves exhaust union reliability. 
  • Stronger Injector Boss. Increased thickness has been added to the injector boss area. Helps reduce cracking. 
  • Strengthened Rocker Boss Area. Thickened web size reduces cracking.  
  • Increased Port Wall Thickness and Enlarged Spark Plug Boss .
  • Exhaust wall thickness has been increased to reduce premature warping and resist cracking.

    Improved Port Design

  • 7% better volumetric efficiency
  • Smoother port walls reduce drag


 *Application information is provided for reference only. Make sure to refer to the applicable airframe/engine manufacturer's manual for exact application information.





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