Gasket Set Major Overhaul - SA632429-A3

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Gasket Set Major Overhaul - SA632429-A3

Engine Applications:

Other Gasket sets that you may need:
Top Overhaul Gasket Set: SA520-A1
Single Cylinder Gasket Set: SA520-T1
Major Overhaul Gasket Sets Related: OEM 6465550A1 (no hoses)
Crankshaft Seal:  SA641250

Set Contains:

Qty Part
2 ea MS29561-012 O'Ring
1 ea MS29561-242 O'Ring
1 ea MS29513-012 O'Ring
16 ea MS29513-010 O'Ring
2 ea MS35769-11 Gasket
1 ea MS35769-12 Gasket
2 ea MS35769-26 Gasket
1 ea AS3578-011 O'Ring
1 ea AS3578-038 O'Ring
1 ea AS3578-210 O'Ring
2 ea MS9134-01 Gasket
2 ea SA25102 Seal
1 ea SA533355 Gasket*
1 ea MS35769-15 Gasket
24 ea SA534610 Packing*
1 ea SA534740 Gasket*
1 ea SA534743 Gasket*
2 ea SA534750 Gasket*
6 ea SA534857 Gasket*
2 ea SA534863 Gasket*
Qty Part
6 ea SA536413 Gasket*
1 ea 539023 Hose
6 ea SA628260 Gasket*
1 ea SA629202 Gasket*
1 ea SA629436 Gasket*
1 ea SA630763 Gasket*
2 ea SA630849 Gasket*
1 ea SA630892 Gasket*
1 ea SA630916 Gasket*
1 ea SA631034 Gasket*
1 ea SA631059 Gasket*
1 ea SA632266 Gasket*
1 ea SA632085 Gasket*
1 ea SA633240 Gasket*
8 ea SA642917-1 Hose*
6 ea SA641066 Packing*
1 ea SA641651 Gasket*
1 ea SA642238 Gasket*
1 ea SA642714 Seal*

Continental Major Overhaul Gasket Sets do not include the front crank seal or intake hoses.


Application information is provided for reference only. Make sure to refer to the applicable airframe/engine manufacturer's manual for exact application information.



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