Micro-mesh KR-70 Acrylic Restoration Kit - KR-70

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The Micro-Surface KR-70 Acrylic Micro-Mesh surface restoration kit contains 11 scratch-removing tools for your aircraft. Scratches can hinder your view during flight, affecting your safety. Don’t replace your acrylic windshield or other acrylic aircraft surfaces due to common scratches and crazed areas. Repair your acrylic windshield with ease using the Micro-Mesh KR-70, equipped with cushion-backed abrasives designed to remove scratches gently. Micro-Mesh is popular in commercial, private and military applications to create a professional finish on any acrylic surface.

The KR-70 Micro-Mesh kit is great for any do-it-yourself aviator. Stock up on this acrylic restoration product set, which includes six different Micro-Mesh sheets, one foam sanding block, one bottle of Micro-Gloss, two flannel cloths and one instruction booklet. Many surface scratches are created by improper cleaning methods. Use our flannel cloths and Micro-Gloss, safe for acrylic, for a showroom-ready finish.

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