Shop Terms and Conditions

Repair Station Terms and Conditions


Aircraft Specialties is driven to provide excellent customer service for our customers and prospective customers alike. Aircraft engine parts deserve the finest professional attention available.  The process begins even before the part is packaged for shipment to our facility. To get started please read our Terms and Conditions below.

Acceptance – consenting to receive the customer’s parts, or the initiating of any repair process, or the furnishing of any reconditioned product, or the acceptance of payment, constitutes unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Identification – the customer is required to properly identify, by part number, each of the parts shipped to our facility. Aircraft Specialties Services may not be held liable for misidentifying a customer’s part in the absence of documentation or omission by the customer.

Instructions - Each order entering the 145 Repair Station must be accompanied by written instructions from the customer. Typically this information will consist of a Purchase Order with an inventory list and specific work instructions. Individuals should include a letter listing; engine make and model, serial number, hours since last overhaul and specific instructions such as: inspect and repair as necessary (IRAN), overhaul, propeller strike inspection, and whether the finished work should be in accordance with factory new dimensional limits or service limits. Please specify which Service Bulletins and/or Airworthiness Directives you want included. No verbal instructions are permitted. Aircraft Specialties Services will not be held responsible for failure to comply with verbal instructions.

Receiving Confirmation - Each customer will receive a list of parts shipped to our facility. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the material received corresponds with the actual shipment. We will only be responsible for parts listed as received. The customer is responsible to ensure the parts reach our facility undamaged.

Inspect and Advise – Absent specific instructions, we will assume that a customer wishes to have their parts reworked and returned to serviceable condition in accordance with our approved processes. We will normally contact the customer when inspection determines that a part cannot be made serviceable (rejected).  If you are sending in parts related to an insurance claim or requires special handling with regard to inspection and notification, you must provide unambiguous written instructions in advance for handling of the parts.

General – Our technicians take excellent care of each part throughout the process. Inspections during the process may result in additional rework. You will be notified in most, but not all cases. Crankshafts which require grinding must also be nitrided to comply with the approved process. Residual stresses from operational mishaps, time in service, or configuration may cause a crankshaft to ‘stress-relieve’ during nitriding. While this is extremely rare, our labiality is limited to repair if possible, otherwise the crankshaft will be rejected.

Franklin Engine parts – certain Franklin engine parts are no longer available. There is a small amount of risk involved with any repair procedure.  Because we cannot replace many Franklin parts, we ask that the customer recognize this risk and sign a hold-harmless agreement before we proceed with repairs on certain parts. The customer will be contacted and provided with the required form.

Tappet Customers – be aware that tappets and hydraulic units are batch processed. Customers wishing to retain all or part of their original shipment must specify ahead of time in writing and expect a delay of six weeks for processing.

Schedule - delivery date is dependent on the shop workload at the time your parts are received. Lead times vary by part type. Typically rods, cams, small parts are 10 working days, crankshafts are 21 days.

Aircraft Specialties Services reserves the right to terminate any customer’s work order without liability for such termination.

Payment is required at time of shipment unless credit terms have been prearranged.

Packaging and protection of the parts shipped shall be completed in accordance with Aircraft Specialties Services shipping procedures, the customer’s P.O. or best commercial practice in order to prevent damage or deterioration to the parts. 

Pricing – Consumable parts such as bushings, rollers, pins, etc. are purchased from Aircraft Specialties Parts and are transferred for use in the Repair Station. The FAA requires these parts to have additional traceability documentation and lot control history when consumed by the Repair Station. To cover the administrative and record keeping cost of controlling these parts we add a slight markup to shop customers.  There may be differences between the cost shown on a shop invoice and our website. All shop customers receive a 10% discount off MFR’s list price.

Cores – Cores submitted for credit or purchase must be repairable per the manufacturer’s overhaul procedures. Core value will vary if parts are missing or broken beyond repair. For starter adapter cores, the customer’s removed unit must be returned in a timely manner and must be repairable using TCM overhaul procedures. Major parts (starter shaft, gears, etc.) requiring replacement will be deducted against the starter adapter core deposit. Upon request, rejected or damaged parts will be returned to the customer.

Warranty – Click here for to read our Limited Warranty Policy. Liability for the breach of any warranty is limited to replacement of defective part or to the refund of the purchase price upon return of the goods to Aircraft Specialties Services.  Customer assumes all risks and liability for loss, damage, or injury to persons or property of Customer or others arising out of the use of the parts once installed.


Disclaimer: While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure all information on this website is accurate, Aircraft Specialties Services does not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions. All specifications, illustrations, data and prices are subject to change without notice. Applications and interchangeability information depicted on this website is strictly for reference only. Installers must consult the engine/airframe IPC for the manufacturer’s approved data.