Skytec Starter Inline High-Torque, 12/24V, 122 Tooth, PMA - 122NL

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The High-Torque Inline (NL Model) starter features a high-torque, wound field motor; light weight (of course - only 9.4 lbs.) and advanced design that is capable of replacing nearly all original equipment as well as certified replacement starters on non-geared Lycoming engine-powered aircraft. The key to the starter's broad adaptability is its compact, inline solenoid/motor arrangement that fits well within the profile of Lycoming's original equipment starters.

While the High-Torque Inline starter's shape is similar to a significantly "shrunk-down" Prestolite, it's composition is greatly advanced over the old, heavy OEM and Bendix-driven lightweight starters including Bendix-free, electromechanical engagement ( and disengagement!), 12 or 24 volt versatility in each starter (add jumper for 12V, remove for 24V), and a kick-back resistant shear pin that will avoid costly repairs in the rare likelihood of a kickback.

Thanks to its rugged, compact, inline configuration,the new HTI starter will fit any aircraft with a non geared, Lycoming engine without any modification. It is especially well suited for: Cessna Cardinals, Mooney M20J's, C172 model M thru L, RG Cessnas, All Short-Wing Pipers, Air-conditioned Piper Singles, Rugged operating conditions, Helicopters, Charter Operators, Voltage-challenged applications, Applications with minimal clearance in front of and around the starter.

EC models feature an improved 24V, high-torque, extended cranking wound field motor nearly incapable of damage from overcranking.

All Sky-Tec starters come with a 2-year factory warranty and unlimited technical assistance. These Starters are FAA-PMA approved for use on certified aircraft as well as home-built aircraft.

Sky-Tech Recommended For Voltage Pitch
122-NL Lyc 235, 290, 320, 360, 540, & 720 12 Volt (Also 24 Volt Switchable) 10/12 (for 122- Tooth Ring Gears)
149-NL Lyc. 235, 290, 320, 340, 360, 540 12 Volt (Also 24 Volt Switchable) 12/14 (for 149- Tooth Ring Gears)
149-NLR Lyc. LIO-320, LO- 360, LTO-360, LIO-360, LHIO- 360, & LTIO-540 12 Volt (Also 24 Volt Switchable) 12/14 (for 149- Tooth Ring Gears)
122-NL/ec Lyc. 235, 290, 320, 360, 540, & 720 24 Volt Super Duty 10/12 (for 122- Tooth Ring Gears)
149-NL/ec Lyc. 235, 290, 320, 340, 360, 540 & 24 Volt Super Duty 12/14 (for 149- Tooth Ring Gears)
149-NLR/ec Lyc. LTIO-540 24 Volt Super Duty 12/14 (for 149- Tooth Ring Gears)


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