Spotcheck SKL-SP2 Solvent Removable Penetrant - 16oz

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Spotcheck® SKL-SP2 Solvent Removable Penetrant

Spotcheck® SKL-SP2 is a solvent removable penetrant offering maximum reliability in the detection of surface-open flaws and discontinuities.

Spotcheck® SKL-SP2 is a solvent removable (or post emulsifiable) red color contrast penetrant with outstanding penetrating characteristics. It offers maximum reliability in locating surface-open flaws and discontinuities and has been successfully used on non-porous ceramics and other similar materials.


Specifications Compliance:

AMS-2644, AECL, ASME B & PV Code Sec V, ASTM E1417, MIL-STD 2132, ASTM E165, MIL-STD-271

Part Number and Container Size:

  • 01-5155-35:  1 gallon (case of 4)
  • 01-5155-40:  5 gallon pail
  • 01-5155-45:  55 gallon drum
  • 01-5155-75:  Penetrant Pen (case of 12)

Available in 16 oz. aerosol cans

Applications:  Welds, Forgings, Pressure Vessels, Castings, General Metal Work, Leak Testing, Power Plant, Construction.

Classification: Type 2, Method B, C or D

Temperature: SKL-SP2 should be used at temperatures between 40° F to 125° F.


Material safety data sheet



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