Summary of Select Process Specifications

Summary of Select Process Specifications

Aircraft Specialties


If you received an FAA form 8130 airworthiness approval from Aircraft Specialties and need more information regarding the process specifications referenced in Block 12 (formerly Block 13), see below:

Process 0014 – this process removes corrosion from the inner bore of certain Lycoming crankshafts. Typically, this process is accomplished on crankshafts subject to the inspection requirements of Lycoming SB 505 or SB 1511. The process allows greater material removal to address corrosion pitting on crankshafts marked PID. The process does not undo SB505, SB530 or AD 98-02-08, if applicable or previously accomplished. Crankshafts are recoated with Urethabond 104 and stamped PID IAW SB530/SI1511 thus maintaining their compliance with the required service information.

Process 0004 - This is our general overhaul specification for both Lycoming and Continental crankshafts as well as PMA equivalents. The process is a repository for many of the OEM Overhaul Manual processes as well as approved equivalents for things like cleaning, assembling, etc. Many of the 8130 tasks related to crankshaft overhaul/repair refer to this process specification rather than a specific OEM Overhaul Manual. Any task done per this reference is equivalent to the requirements of the OEM Overhaul Manual.

Process 07-09-08 - This repair addresses the Lycoming crankshaft drive gear pilot area. When the crankshaft drive gear pilot area is found worn per Lycoming SB475c, this repair offers an alternative to chrome plating the pilot ID which is difficult and prone to chipping when removing or installing the gear. Aircraft Specialties grinds the pilot ID to a standard oversize then chrome-plates the outer diameter of the gear and grinds it to a perfect fit.

Process 99-008 - Propeller flange pilot chrome repair. This repair may be accomplished on both Lycoming and Continental crankshafts. Occasionally, we find the outside diameter (OD) of the propeller flange pilot below limits or it has corrosion that needs to be removed by grinding. The pilot is restored to its original size by the application of chrome plating.  

STC SE09002SC This process allows Aircraft Specialties to grind both the main and rod bearing journals to a standard 0.020 inch undersize on Continental A65, A75, C75, C85, C90 O-200 engines. Aircraft Specialties also sells appropriate undersize bearings to bring an engine back to factory new clearances.



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