A complete receiving inspection is performed on each camshaft. The camshaft is degreased, cleaned, magnetic particle and dimensionally inspected. Repairs are performed, including regrinding lobes to the original profile and taper. The surface finish is restored by Parkerizing where required. Final inspection of the camshaft includes dimensional checks and a second Magnetic Particle inspection. An FAA 8130 maintenance release is issued for return to service, and the unit is custom packaged for shipping.

Prop Strike Inspect (MPI, Restore Surface Finish & Cert)

4 Cylinder Camshaft $125.00
6 Cylinder Camshaft $152.00
8 Cylinder Camshaft $226.00


Grind Lobes & Certify

4 Cylinder Camshaft  (Lycoming / Continental) $200.00
6 Cylinder Camshaft  (Lycoming / Continental) $227.00
8 Cylinder Camshaft  (Lycoming) $377.00
4 Cylinder Camshaft  (Franklin) $319.00
6 Cylinder Camshaft  (Franklin) $341.00


Miscellaneous Repairs

Repair Propeller Governor Gear Mount Area (Continental) $276.00
Chrome Repair Main Journals (Continental P/N 4546, 24231 and 40584) $460.00
Machine Second Key Slot (Continental Governor Gear Mount Area) $114.00
Apply Manganese Phosphate Coating $71.00
Inspection Fee, Non-repairable $27.00


Camshaft Myths

Prices listed above are “per item” and do not include parts, except where noted. All prices USD.
Five day turnaround is normally available upon request for all items above except crankshafts requiring re-nitriding. 
Certain items may be issued a Dual Release (FAA/EASA). Prices are subject to change without notice.



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