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Aircraft Specialties Can Save you Time and Money.
The savings mean you can spend more time and money on the thing you love, Flying.


Aircraft Specialties Services has served the General Aviation community for the past 42 Years. During that time, it has been our mission to find ways to keep maintenance costs down for the mechanics, owners, and overhaul facilities, without compromising quality. I believe the following is the future of our partnership with you. This is a new way for you to keep costs down and stay competitive in this complex and often aggressive industry.

I know you’re very busy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I truly appreciate your business and will do everything in my power to ensure that we earn your business every single time.

Very Best Regards,
Eric Anderson
Eric Anderson
Director of Operation

Save Time:

  1. Again, I know you are busy. Time spent ordering parts takes time away from maintaining and building engines. We solve this problem with our experienced sales team. When you call in with your parts order, the salesman will ask a few specific questions about the engine you are building. We then let you get off the phone and back to work. The team will develop a parts list for you to review when you are ready.
  2. Ship us all your parts for overhaul. You can even ship your crankcase with your steel parts, (crankshaft, counterweights, camshaft, rods, rocker arms, lifters, gears) and we will ensure that the case gets to one of our two local case shops right here in Tulsa. This can save you not only time, but money on shipping.

Save Money:

  1. Engine shops, like all of us, are being squeezed from every side and margins continue to shrink. We want to help with that. Our motivation here is not entirely altruistic. What is good for your business, is good for Aircraft Specialties and our future. We truly rely on you, and we want to put our money where our mouth is. We are now offering significant savings to our machine shop customers on the purchase of new parts. If you have your steel going through the machine shop, you will automatically qualify for this special pricing on new parts. These discounts should save you hundreds on every overhaul. These prices will beat any other price in the market today. We want you to know we are in this with you.
  2. But wait, there’s more! (I really enjoyed writing that)  Having all of your parts, both new and overhauled, shipped to one place means consolidated shipping costs. In addition to that, if requested, we will palletize your shipment and have it ready for a freight company of your choosing. This, again, could save hundreds on freight per engine overhaul.

If you have read this far, I am in your debt. This is my commitment to you; I will ensure you have a great experience every time you do business with us. This is my email, and my phone number. Email me or call me anytime.  – (918) 836-6872

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